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We make your real estate appraisal or valuation of houses and all kinds of buildings and constructions, with appropriate valuation methods for each of the sectorsof the property market.

 Property valuation for mortgage market

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The property valuation

The real estate appraisal is the informed opinion of a qualified , independent market value of a property in a place and time determined by processes , checks and appropriate valuation methods for each sector of the property market and characterized by knowledge of the regulations that affect them.

A professional appraisal is a report that after the visit by a competent professional , determines the market value of your property , complying with the relevant regulations so you can make use of it for both separate property , inheritance , purchase and sale of a fast, convenient and economical .

For valuation means the valuation of an object. If we refer to the real estate appraisal can be defined as a report or document prepared by a competent technician , for determining the market value of the property as the supply and demand at the time.

The property valuation for mortgage market

If the appraisal is needed as collateral or guarantee a loan we are referring to mortgage appraisals , which are regulated by ECO/805/2003 Ministerial Order of 27 March and its subsequent amendments.

The appraisal is performed by an appraiser, the property is about to proceed to price it, measure it, photograph and develops a plan of the same . During this visit, he performs a physical identification of the property, its location ,size, characteristics and apparent condition. Also it is found that the information matches the cadastral and registry documentation used to perform the appraisal. Subsequently confirmed the occupancy and use or exploitation, as well as if you are accepted to a public protection arrangements or architectural heritage, and discusses the suitability of the property to urban planning regulations. In addition, the appraiser must have access to a recent registration certificate, evidencing the ownership and encumbrances of the property. Finally makes a property valuation report, which is usually audited once or several times for his business, especially in the mortgage appraiser to check the report in accordance with the law and the market .

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