It consists of a document issued by a competent technician, Technical Architect, upon compliance with the designstandards of habitability and existing housing, currently in effect, stating the housing register reference.
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License of Occupation

The occupational license is a document that appears in Act 3/2004 , of June 30 , of the Government , Management and Development of Building Quality ( LOFCE ) .

For all existing buildings , either in whole or in parts susceptible individual use , the municipal license of occupation is to verify the adequacy of the same to the applicable regulations , depending on the use and features of the buildings.

When is it necessary to renew the license of occupation ?

Ten years after obtaining the first license of occupation will be necessary to renew the same on the following assumptions :
• In the event of second or subsequent transfers of ownership.
• When it is necessary to formalize a new contract to supply water, gas or electricity.

How do I get the license of second occupation ?

For the second occupation license or certificate of some council still second occupation or subsequent owners must apply to the city council , providing competent medical certificate , that the building or , if applicable , the portion thereof capable of use individualized , adjusted to the conditions assumed the granting of the first license or occupation before requesting .

The certificate of occupancy of second occupation is an administrative document certifying that any kind of home meets the technical regulations on habitability and is, therefore , suitable for the purpose of residential or human habitation .
This document is required for all procurement of own supply of housing , electricity and water , in every city of Valencia .

To obtain the certificate of occupancy requested municipalities HABITABILITY TECHNICIAN CERTIFICATE , which is a document issued by a competent technician , on compliance with habitability standards and existing housing design , currently in effect , stating the housing register reference .

 Antonia M Andreu