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What is the energy performance certificate?

The energy certification of a property is a document, that studies the construction of housing conditions and facilities, to give an energy rating based on their energy consumption.

What is the energy efficiency label?

The information is summarized in a certified energy label. It is similar to what we are used to seeing in appliances. With a color code classifies the property as a scale of the highest category, the A (lower consumption), to the most low, the G (high consumption).

From June 1, 2013 it is mandatory that for a contract of sale or rent (of a building or unit thereof)there should be included a energy certificate. That is, a label that reflects the energy consumption of the building. Since appliances. Getting this certificate can be easy if you know how.

The energy certificate is required to sell or rent a used home. However, there are exceptions:
or buildings and monuments officially protected as part of a designated environment in this way, or because of their special architectural or historic merit, where compliance with such requirements could unacceptably alter their character or appearance.
Buildings or units or buildings used as places of worship and for religious activities or temporary buildings with a planned time of use exceeding two years.
or industrial buildings, defense and agriculture, in part for workshops, industrial processes and non-residential agricultural.
units or buildings or isolated buildings with a total useful floor area of ​​less than 50 m2.
or buildings purchased for major renovations (important reforms are considered to mean a renewal of more than 25% of the surface of the building envelope) or for demolition.
units or buildings or residential buildings used or intended to be used for either less than four months a year or for a limited time a year and a lower energy consumption forecast to 25% of what resulted from their use throughout year.

Energy certification sanctioning regime is covered by a provision of the Rehabilitation Act has been published and come into force on June 28. Violations will be mild, severe or very severe and the fines will go from 300 to 6,000 euros. For example, if offense be advertising the sale or rental of a dwelling without reference to its energy efficiency rating energy label or display format and content without the legal minimum.


1 Identify a qualified technician. The autonomous communities are required to develop a register of persons authorized to make these certifications. Each Community has defined a competent body for this matter. You should consult this log to ensure that your certification is performed by a certified technician.
2 Request a quote and make an appointment with the coach. The price of the certificate is free, which has led to offers of questionable reliability. Since the certificate includes recommendations to improve efficiency, some are offering free certificate in exchange for run after the renovation is recommended. In other cases, there are deals to guarantee in advance a positive certification, which goes against the rigor of this label.
Recall that each community applying a control system certificates, and if inconsistencies are identified will be communicated to the owner, you will have a cure period or submission of claims before proceeding, if necessary, to change the rating. Therefore, do not rely on dubious formulas because not only is distorted and trivialized the true probative value of the certificate, it is also possible that certification is not exhaustive and is conditioned by the offer.

3 Communicate the autonomous community certificate. Once the technician has assessed housing and prepared the certificate, you must inform the competent authority in each region. This certificate is not valid until it is reviewed by the Administration, which checks that the evaluation has been executed correctly and the status of housing is appropriate. Hence the importance of having performed a comprehensive rating.
This communication in turn implies a rate defined by each community. No need for this communication personally, can any other person or even take care of himself technical procedures within their service package.

4 Receive registration number. Within about two days working approximately (depending on each community), you get the energy label with the registration number assigned, which means that the housing and is certified and registered with relevant administrative supervision.
The energy performance certificate shall be valid for 10 years, being responsible for its own renewal. However, the owner may proceed voluntarily updating or reform if it considers that there are variations in aspects of the building that can change its energy rating.

5 Include the certificate on sale or lease listings. The Royal Decree provides that the energy label should be included in any offer, promotion and advertising to the sale or rental. The legislation has not yet finalized how, but in any case this aspect is incorporated into the criteria to consider when purchasing or renting the property, because when you sell or rent, the seller must deliver the certificate to the buyer or lessee.

Antonia M Andreu