Inmobiliaria 180 180  REAL ESTATE Our professional staff analyzes the feasibility, business valuation buying, management procedures and legal requirements forcomprehensive and provide a service tailored to your needs.

With all the guarantees offered bya team of professionals with extensive experience in the sector.

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To theBuyers

    The selection of properties that fity our needs
     Visit the property's make real estate consultant with a high degree of professionalism
     A study to optimize your mortgage, accessing properties with financing for you.
     Writing any type of contract (reserve, Arras, etc..) as by the Law
     We check loads and conditions in the Land Registry.
     We checkw he ther it is aware of payments to the Community of neighbors.
     We accompany you to the Notary.

To the Sellers

     We performan assessment of your home to suitmarket price
     Developed a business plan to bring your home to Buyers
     Here is your home for sale with usand translate into multiple languages​​ to expand the range of customers.
     Access your home from Social Networks
     We crossed your home with our clients Buyers, interested customersto determine
     We explain how to make your home the day of the visit of the buyer
     We process your certificate of occupancy
     Transact the housin genergy certificate
     We do all the paper work prior to the purchase Registrales
     We accompany you to the Notary.

 Antonia M Andreu