Contratos 180 180  CONTRACTS Legally advise and accompany you in drafting and negotiations for the drafting and signing of contracts need particularly those related to sale-purchase, rent and rent to own real estate.

We have certified translators and interpreters that will ensure that you understand the terms contained in the contract.

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Hired daily for business and personal reasons. Some of these contracts are oral , while others are written . In each case , it is important that the terms of the contract are fairly negotiated , properly drafted and reviewed to ensure that the contract is coupled to the intentions of the parties.

Contract Negotiation

Negotiating a contract is very important. Negotiating terms of the contract , the parties seek to enhance their interests. When negotiating contracts , ensure the following :

    Are comfortable with their duties and obligations .
Clarify your intentions , requirements and expectations of the other party at the beginning of negotiations.


The contracts are contracts with language and terms commonly accepted and valid for most situations. A common example of when such contracts are used is in the agreements between the landlord and the tenant. Generally the parties do not negotiate when using a standard contract . So , be sure to carefully review the terms of the contract to be aware of their duties.

Drafting Contracts

Often standard contracts as a starting model used to draw up the final contracts . In drafting the contract , it is important that each party knows exactly what is expected of him. So , if there are any words that could be misinterpreted , or whatever term is ambiguous , define them within the contract. When drafting a contract, the terms and clarify the duties should be a primary goal.

Legal language

Many contracts legal terminology used in drafting contracts. This can , however , confuse the obligations and terms of the contract. So , using ordinary / everyday language to ensure that both parties understand what it says and means the content of the contract.

Contract Review

Before signing a contract , read it . In the review of the contract , be sure to know what their obligations are declared. If you are unsure as to their duties , and you sign the contract, you may find unpleasant surprises .

Use professional legal counsel to review the contract to ensure that their needs are collected and avoid future surprises.

Some typical business contracts are:

    Contracts for sale of movable and immovable property .
Housing lease contract .
Lease of commercial property .
Garage Lease Agreement.
Lease and service work .
Swap contract .
Contract grant .
Business contracts , shareholder agreements , company incorporation .
Proceedings of societies.
Agreements of any kind.
Contractual waivers.
Statements and Receipts .
Marriage contract .
Clauses .
Declarations .

Should I consult an attorney for drafting and reviewing contracts ?

Contract negotiations, especially in the context of important financial contracts can be stressful and difficult. A lawyer can assist you in your needs and requirements are met. In addition , an attorney can help with the drafting and contract review , and explain their duties. A lawyer will see their interests during the process of negotiations and contract development .

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