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In Serviciosfincas offer a service of housing reform in order to improve the quality and comfort, without losing sight of  styleand design suitable for your home.
Serviciosfincas offers a design team who provides counselingin decision making apreliminary visit to see the status of your home providing ideas and solutions that will enhance the initial project idea. Further measurements to performa proposed distribution will be taken.


 To undertake a project to reform the following steps are taken:


  1. Knowing the customer to create a custom project that fits your lifestyle , creating a distribution according to their needs and desired style.
  2. After knowing the needs and style of the client and to have a clearer concept of the idea, the customer may choose to perform a three-dimensional view to closer proximity to the actual view of reform.
  3. Preparation of technical drawings , where the reality of the reform states: new distribution, new facilities where appropriate , new design, etc. . Being a logical and functional housing to suit the client.
  4. Selection of finishes, materials and colors. Making the interior design of each room of the house.


Serviciosfincas offers a truly comprehensive service , so you will not have to worry about finding and coordinating anything.


The budgets we offer cover all trades, and we carry out all work required to run the full or partial renovation of your home with an agreed timeframe.
We have an experienced and highly qualified team can advise you at all times , therefore we include in our projects the services of architects , builders and interior designer .

 Antonia M Andreu