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    Certificate issued by acompetent technicianindicating theage of the buildingor part, and the absenceofdisciplinary proceedingsin urban.
    Theyusuallyasksfortitling, registration,legalizationetc.. of saidbuilding.

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     Antonia M Andreu


    It consists ofa document issuedby a competent technician, Technical Architect, uponcompliance with thedesignstandardsof habitability andexistinghousing, currently in effect, statingthehousingregister reference.
    We offervery attractive pricesfor obtainingcertificatesof occupancyand advise youofthe documents requiredbyyour municipality, we can also take care ofmaking arrangementsfor obtainingsecond occupationlicense.

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  • Contratos 180 180  CONTRACTSLegallyadvise and accompanyyouin drafting andnegotiationsfor the drafting andsigning of contractsneedparticularlythose related tosale-purchase, rent and rentto ownreal estate.

    We havecertified translatorsandinterpretersthat will ensurethat you understandthe terms containedin the contract.

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  • Reformas 180 180


    InServiciosfincasoffer a service ofhousing reformin order toimprove thequality and comfort, without losing sight of styleanddesign suitable foryour home.
    Serviciosfincasoffersa design teamwho provides counselingindecisionmaking apreliminary visitto see the statusof your homeproviding ideasand solutionsthat will enhance theinitial project idea. Furthermeasurementsto performa proposed distributionwill be taken.


  • Tasaciones 180 180  MORTAGE APPRAISALS

    We make yourreal estateappraisal or valuationof houses andall kindsof buildings andconstructions, withappropriate valuationmethodsfor each ofthe sectorsof the property market.

     Property valuationformortgage market

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  • Valoraciones 180 180


    We make yourhomereal estate valuationand all typesof buildings andconstructions, withappropriate valuationmethodsfor each ofthe sectorsof the property market;

    Property valuation(market pricepurchase and sale).
    Separate Property
    Contradictory expert appraisal


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  • Inmobiliaria 180 180  REAL ESTATEOur professional staffanalyzes thefeasibility, businessvaluationbuying, managementprocedures andlegal requirements forcomprehensive andprovide a servicetailored to yourneeds.

    With all theguarantees offered bya teamof professionals withextensive experiencein the sector.

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