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Catastral reference:

Set alphanumeric (letters and numbers) that identify uniquely the property. If the grant can optenerla this link.

* City service location:
* Constructed area:
* Registered in technical partnership:
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The service consists of the certification that a house or part of it has a certain age.
They usually ask for titling, registration, legalization etc.. of said building.

Antonia M Andreu

Content of the deliverable
Photographs the property Yes
Property built Yes
Property location Yes
Spoken description Yes, in spanish
Type of deliverable
Digital document Digitally signed pdf
Paper document Color original bound
Delivery form
e-mail Yes
On hand Yes, headquarters Serviciosfincas
Delivery 5 days from delivery of the information
First Contact in 24 hours
Preparation of report Yes
Visit the property and data collection Yes
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